Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kate [maternity.]

So. Little mouse, me. Middle mouse, my brother. Big mouse, my sister.
A lot has changed since then and it's INSANE that I'm taking maternity pictures for my sister now. It's a little sad, actually...she's having the baby AND moving to Missouri while I'm in India.
But! She didn't trust me at all. I took her to locations and she literally dissed me because they were "ugly." Well how's this for ugly, Kate?
Yeah. That's what I thought. So enjoy.
Side note: Six days until I leave.
I went and got my shots today and I was on the news! It was fun. Ha.
Had a MASSIVE shopping trip.
Tomorrow is the first time I get to sleep in since...ever. Goodness.
Had to cancel my senior shoot today because my car died in the middle of Marlow. :[
Anywayy. Next post...Jordan's senior pics?

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  1. umm, i'm moving to indiana, not missouri. lol. and i never said anything was ugly. you are an awesome photographer!!! thank you for this wonderful gift! love you, little mouse!