Monday, May 17, 2010

Sabrina [pageant.]

A while back I did a shoot with the Alvarez family. Remember?
No? Okay...remember her?
Yep. That's what I thought.
Well, Sabrina's momma called me to shoot the Little Miss V-A pageant, in which "Bina" participated.
[yeah, I know. Not the greatest quality of shot. I've got a Rebel. They don't shoot stage shots too well.]
She had to wear a "sporty" outfit,
and a "formal" one.
No, she didn't win. But at least she's cute, right?
Side note: I leave in 15 days.
I'm not exactly prepared yet.
THOUGH! I did get my new luggage in. :]
Sooo cute. :]
This picture pretty much sums up the last week. Ha.
In the next fifteen days I need to:
-Pack to move out of my house and into my new one.
-Pack to live in India [in my new luggagggge].
-Get the crazy Indian man off my Facebook who keeps saying that "my India shirts have the wrong map of India and I need to get them off Facebook ASAP. How would I like it if he wore a USA shirt with a distorted United States on it?"
-Get my Visa.
-Get my shots. :/
-Finish up all my shoots [and deliver all my old ones]
-Watch Ed Wood
-Finish the boy's India present.
-Do all my oh-so-fun homework.
Yay next two weeks!

Next post: My sister's maternity photosss.


  1. Love the photos that you've been taking! I just realized that maybe you'll be taking photos while in India? And this realization made me really really happy. I hope you have the best time!
    Take care of yourself these next two weeks, and good luck!

  2. AH! I can't wait to see Kate's. I'll pay you to do ashlea's if you can squeeze it in. I know you are busy!!!

    I love the suitcase.

    Weird India guy. Ignore him.

    I love you sweet girl. What a blessing you are.

    Wish you didn't have to move.