Sunday, September 20, 2009

No, I'm not dead.

Just busy.
Quick update, yeah?
Okay. I'm for sure going to India. $3600 dollars left to go, I'm going to be there from May 23rd-ish to August 18th-ish. Can you say excited? I'm ecstatic.
Junior year has begun.
I can drive legally.
I got in my first trouble with the police. [Just curfew, no fears.]
Still no job...
Got paid to take pictures for the very first time.
How 'bout some recent pictures? I'll write more later.

Also! Michelle and I won $20 with this:

So, this photo uploader is laaaaame.
I'll post more later...maybe.


  1. Well there are two ways to do it...upload to a photo website and get the code, but the name of the photo website slips my know how I am. But it's the one that everyone uses for blogspot.


    resize the photos...which is what I always have to do with your photos. I send it to myself in smaller format and save to my desktop...gotta be an easier way I'm sure. LOL.

    Love your update.

    You oughta do my 20 questions from friday.

  2. ill definitely be praying for you to get all the money you need, He'll provide for you in whatever way you need. i hope life keeps heading on the up and up for ya!