Thursday, April 30, 2009


Hey guys!
I just wanted to ask for a little bit of prayer.
I really feel like God is telling me to go to India.
My entire life, my whole family has gone on several mission trips. I've had several opportunities to go, but I've never felt called to missions. I think if I had ever gone on one, it would have been like a vacation, and not a mission trip. Does that make sense?
However, about two weeks ago I started to get a real heart for Ethiopia. I don't know why. God had just put it on my heart to pray for Ethiopia, so I have. Then it started getting weird. Every time I did my quiet time, went to church, listened to the radio, whatever, something was said about missions. I was really skeptical as to whether or not it was from God [as if it isn't obvious], considering I'd never felt called before.
Last night, we had two guests at our church: a woman and her son. The were from India. They asked us to pray for India and whatnot, and told their stories. Right from the beginning, a lightbulb went off in my head. It was like God was yelling, "JO! This is IT!" and it just got more and more persistant the longer I listened.
So! With that said, I need you guys to pray for me. For wisdom in knowing what God wants me to do, for finding a way to get to India, all that!
However, that is all for now. There's a little boy who needs my attention. {babysitting!}
Love, Johannah.


  1. Jo I am with you!!! and praying!

  2. praying. was that my little boy?

  3. i will keep you in my prayers and i love your story, its inspiring and awesome!!! God is amazing.

  4. Thank you all soooo much!
    And yes, Michelle, that was Asa yelling at Kati for taking the remote away. Haha.
    Sam, yes. Yes He is. :]

  5. Hannah, remember how I mentioned I wanted you to do my maternity photos and I will pay you. Be thinking of how much is fair.

    In the meantime, I found a website that offers some potrait suggestions that I LOVE. I'm just thinking I probably dont want a nakey stomach, but I might try JUST ONE, very not nakey.