Tuesday, June 22, 2010

India trip [day 13.]

Can I please express to you how mind-boggling it is that I've only been here for 13 days, and I've only been gone for 15? I seriously sat and recounted the days about five times, just to make sure. It's been months to me. And I don't say that in a bad way. Though, if I said I was a busy girl, I would be lying. I've been sitting at home playing escape games and Tetris for the past week.
However, joy of all joys, I FINALLY got out of the house today. I finally began my teaching career at the school. Ohhhh what an experience. I've never seen children's faces look as confused as they did when I walked in the "IIX Standard" door. Nervously I cleared my throat and began with a wise opening statement: "Uhh. Hi there!". Open mouth stares. Literally. Then they all snapped out of it and said hello back. I commenced in telling them my name, which they can't pronounce, trying to take a picture of them, at which point they told me the lens cap was still on, and explaining that yes, my hair was supposed to be in my eyes, which they find hard to believe. I then stuttered my way through a short photography lesson, which pretty much only consisted of cramming "NEVER USE FLASH" down their throats. But the eighth graders were a pretty forgiving group.
I can't say the same for the ninth graders. You know the open mouth stares the eighth graders had? Add that, giggling at every word I said, grabbing my camera from my hands, flirty looks from the boys, not answering a single question, making up fake names for themselves, and putting the eraser on the top shelf so 5'2 me can't reach it. You've got my ninth grade class. It was a disaster. Though, I think I eventually got the no flash point across.
Luckily, those were the only two classes I had today. After school, Cyril felt sorry for me and took me to buy Pepsi and chocolate. I was a happyyyy girl.

We'll see what tomorrow holds in store for me.
On a sad note, we had a little two-month old puppy. She got out, and some strays got her [have I mentioned that there are strays EVERYWHERE?]. They broke her spinal cord and she's paralyzed from the waist down. It's seriously one of the saddest things I've ever seen. She just slumped in a corner and cried for days. Thankfully, they took her to be put to sleep today. But I was saddd.
On a happy note, we got a new puppy!Meet Mowgli, my [and yes, I say my] three-week-old pomeranian. Sooo cute.
Hmm. What else has happened. Oh! I taught youth on Sunday morning. It went so well. I taught over 1 Timothy 2. I only had one slip up - I used Nick as an example. I was rather confused as to why everyone's eyes got huge when I said that I had a boyfriend, but Cyril later explained to me that that's completely forbidden here. Soooooo my church thinks I'm a sinner. Ha.
Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask!

Side notes:
I know I said I'd blog about Raichur and I PROMISE I will, but I'm waiting for some way to upload pictures.
Still house hunting.
Cyril leaves in a week. I'm so scared to be here without someone as fluent in English as him. Ha.
I have over fifty mosquito bites on my legs. It's getting ridiculous.
My momma's sending me a care package. :]:]
I know so much Kannada. And by that, I mean I know about ten words. But I can hold a conversation about food! Lol.
I promise to try to blog more. Honest.


  1. Johannah,
    So glad you finally got to teach---very brave.

    So happy you have a puppy to help occupy you when you aren't busy. He is really cute. Isabella likes him.

    Okay, you said feel free to ask--so here goes:

    1.Does anyone else beside Cyril speak English at the school, like an interpreter?

    2.When will Cyril be back? and Can you only go out of the house with him to the store, etc?

    3.Do you have anyone your age that you live with?

    4. What is your mailing address? any restrictions?

    5. How are you handling the food--digestively speaking?

    The picture of you modeling the Pepsi bottle really shows off your pretty blue eye! :}


  2. Hi Christy! Thanks so much for your comments. Knowing that you're praying for me is such an encouragement.
    1. Yes! At the school, almost everyone has at least a basic grasp on the English language, but that's the only location where that's even remotely true.
    2. He's coming back to India in August. I don't have to go with neccesarily him, but I must be accompanied if I go out.
    3. No I do not.
    4. Well, we're moving. So right now I don't exactly know my address. Ha. But anything sent to me will take at least a month to arrive.
    5. I have yet to have a problem with a food! It's such an answer to prayer. My "Indian family" was so shocked.
    Have a wonderful day. :]

  3. Goodness, your adventures are getting seriously frenzied. And I mean that in a good way! They seem adventurous and full of life, if that makes sense. Sorry if this doesn't [make sense] - I'm real tired but wanted to comment anyways. The story about the puppy made me tear up and I'm real real sorry she was in pain. I hope everything is better now, and congratulations on the new dog!
    Well wishes,