Friday, April 9, 2010

Kara and Dennis [wedding.]

I know, I know. This was forever ago. But through getting my wisdom teeth getting out, preparing for drama regionals [which I got double champion at, beteadub.], and trying to get ready for India, I've had time for absolutely NO fun.
Well, okay, that's an overexaggeration. But at the least, no time for blogging.
So yes, Kara and Dennis DID get married. And they are very very happy.
I was SO sick during this wedding. So so sick. I had to stop throwing up long enough to shoot the rehearsal dinner and then I slept right up until an hour before the service. But, needless to say, it got done and I got to see my friends tie the knot.

Dennis gave Kara this right before the wedding. Beautiful.
The decorations were so so cute.

And I even got a little publicity. ;)

Random Update.
State is in 7 days!
I'm a bit nervous.
Senior Shoot and ACT tomorrow.
Get my India t-shirts tomorrow, too.
Garage Sale 30th and the 1st.
Kate's baby shower the 8th.


  1. lovely always.

    can i send a gift for kate with you. registered at walmart?

    i want you to know that i love you hannah. i love you JUST FOR WHO YOU ARE.

  2. What don't you do, girl?! Man, it sounds like you're doing a lot. Hope you're not sick anymore and feeling better. Please get back to me via shipping prices? I can look that up from my end too, but it'll largely be a guesstimation.
    All the best!