Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Aren't We Adorable?

The answer is yes. Yes we are.

Meet Nick.

He's my adorable little beau. You're jealous, right?
Well, we had a little mini-shoot a couple of weeks ago and can I please repeat the fact that we are dang CUTE?

[Yes, Michelle. That's a kiss. Calm down.]

We're a little...odd.

Anyways. There's really no point to this post EXCEPT to brag. So. Here's some more proof of our cuteness. :]


  1. Wicked awesome laundromat pic, you guys really are "dang cute"!!!

  2. Um, no you arent....and tell Nick to get his hands off your butt. RIGHT NOW. you are a little cute...but think how much cuter you'll be if you stop kissing distorts his face.

    does your dad know about this?