Thursday, October 22, 2009

This is such a crazy time.

This is my baby.
My car, Evey.
She's totalled.
I miss her.
I'm fineish.
My passengers are fine.
HIS truck is completely unharmed.
I am bitter.
Love, Jo.

Also. I think I'm going to get a new blog with the url phojotography.


  1. oh man! That is terrible! Poor car
    I'm guessing some guy in a truck hit you... and its not fair nothing happens to the idiot who crashes into someone : (
    Glad everyone's okay.

    Like the new blog url... comment me from it so I can keep following you ; )

  2. you can change your url in your settings, you dont have to make a new blog.

    also, punches might should be thrown as well as parental apologies... you know what i mean ;)

  3. now see, this pulls up now? So I guess you changed it? How did you do that???