Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm the O and the E, you're the L and the V.

Heya, people
I'm really loving this IHeartFaces blog.
I totally plan on entering some stuff.
Thanks, Michelle.
I took a few not-so-good experimental photos during nursery on Sunday with my Canon...and they are all pretty grainy because I hadn't figured out the concept of ISO levels yet. But! I chose my favorites.
Here you go.
[[I like shooting babies. Hah.]]

He walks with his tongue out.
Cutest thing EVER.

This one could have been alot better if Ashlea wasn't back there...
I like it, though, because Mill's blurred except for her smile.

I like this one because of the light effect.
If your computer's brightness is low, you probably don't see it like I do.

This one CRACKS me up. Look at both the kids' faces.

And this one, I don't need to explain. :]
So, comment and whatnot.


  1. adorable kids. didn't know you were so into photos. keep it up, they're really good!

  2. Yeah, I'm a wannabe photographer.
    I'm still figuring out my Rebel, though.
    But thank you much!


    I'm very glad about i heart faces...i thought you would like that! If you keep reading through their posts they have lots of classes.

  4. Oh so cute! Okay... I MUST get me one of those cameras! I simply must or I fear I may explode!!!
    Michelle sent me over & guess what... you have a new follower nor ; )

  5. Haha! Well it's very nice to meet you.
    And I am VERY in love with my camera.
    It's worth every penny.

  6. Loved seeing the pics! very nice photos. Michelle sent me too, so you have another new follower :)