Thursday, January 29, 2009

[[Unplayed pianos sing me to sleep]]

Fond greetings to all who may be reading this dreaded first post.

I decided to start a blog because...well. I'm not exactly sure why.

However! I'd like to begin with a quote. This quote was randomly on the "preview layout" and I liked it quite a bit. I don't know why.

"I should be much for open war, O Peers,

As not behind in hate, if what was urged

Main reason to persuade immediate war

Did not dissuade me most, and seem to cast

Ominous conjecture on the whole success;

When he who most excels in fact of arms,

In what he counsels and in what excels

Mistrustful, grounds his courage on despair

And utter dissolution, as the scope

Of all his aim, after some dire revenge. "

Typing this in on my beloved search engine, Dogpile, brought up "Paradise Lost."

So there you have it, readers. I'm sure you're eternally grateful that I wasted your time with a random quote of John Milton's.

However, I do believe that a "first post" should tell a little about the blogger. So here I go.

My name is Johannah. (Pronounced Joe+Hannah. Pretty simple.) I am a "PK," which is short for "Preacher's Kid." Now, before you go off on your sterotypical thoughts, I must make it known that I am not stuck-up nor am I a rebel druggie.

Speaking of Rebel, I am very interested in photography and am currently saving my money for a Canon Digital Rebel XTi/Canon 4000 camera. It costs somewhere around the vicinity of $600 [not to mention accessories] and I'm nowhere CLOSE. Despite this, I will count down the monetary amount I lack each day I contribute to this blog. (Except today)

Anyway, right now I am feeling sore. We've had ice covering the ground for the past few days and my friend Ashlea and I played on it last night. And, being the pansy that I am, I am very sore from it. But she is too, so I don't feel as bad. This is us, by the way.

Ashlea is on the right, and I am the one with the beard. (Yes, it is eyeliner. And yes, it was Lumberjack Day. Also, Ashlea did NOT dress up, therefore making me look out-of-place. However, I still love this picture.)

Well. With this, I conclude my first blog post.

Respectfully yours,


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